The countercyclical asset, a continuing series

Nicer than tasers:

Mr. Borg, past
president of the North American Securities Administrators Association,
adds that in past market downturns he saw people turn to chinchillas, worm farms and super-breeds of rabbits.
Emus, too, were big. "Eventually, people got tired of them and just let them go," he says. "To this day, you’ll be in West Texas and a big
emu running wild will just come up next to your car."

Here is the link and thanks to John De Palma for the pointer.  The National Alpaca Registry is doing well:

Peggy Parks, a 49-year-old auditor in Johnstown, Pa., turned to an
unusual farm animal. "I’ve lost a fortune in stocks, and my 401(k) is
falling through the floor. I feel comfortable in alpacas," she says.
She invested $56,000 in a small herd that she believes has a better
outlook than most mutual funds because of the animals’ breeding



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