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According to this, FDR did not do much (except speak) in first 100 days that were of any help in economic recovery. SEC was good in long term but could not hep in short term. When did we go off gold?+ Raise taxes - ?

Re The Singularity: I finished reading the Sandberg-Bostrom Whole Brain Emulation Roadmap this weekend. Think 2111. But Kurzweil fans apparently insist on 2045.

Even though these biological roadblocks are disconcerting, it's difficult to say what their impact will be on the creation of human-level intelligence on machines, which is the definition of the start of the singularity. It may simply be that we can bypass biological rules in our creation of a machine that can pass the turing test.


I am the author of the Brasilia photos. It seems that all the traffic broke the link. I reposted the page on my newer personal site which has much more bandwidth. Here is the URL:

Thanks so much for the link!

Saludos desde Buenos Aires

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