Markets in everything: Cupzzas, a pizza baked in cupcake form

"We just really wanted to shatter the cupcake-pizza dichotomy. It’s just existed for too long."

I am a monist myself.  Here is much more information.  It is also an example of Thomas Schelling’s idea of research by accident:

"[A] lot of our ideas come from just not having the proper materials," Wilder said. "Like the pupzzas came from not being able to find the large tins."


Wasn't Navin Johnson a huge fan of Cup-'O-Pizza in The Jerk, circa 1979?

My Italian wife is not amused.

During the whole atkins craze there was apizza place that would sell you a crustless pizza in a cup.


As a Neapolitan pizza lover myself, I am wondering how much you paid for your wood-burning stone oven, and how difficult it was to install?

I was about to comment that it sounded like the ideal college party food, and then I click through and see it is indeed a bunch of college students. Heh.

I'm always surprised at the intensity of disagreement that talk about food can bring. Can't we enjoy purist Neapolitan pizza as well as deep dish pizza from Gino's East in Chicago? And pot pie pizza? And cupcake pizza? Foods that seem gimmicky are often executed poorly, but we shouldn't generalize that to mean any food that doesn't meet some arbitrary level of orthodoxy is bad in principle.

That's what happens when you take provincial chauvinism (e.g. "the best pizza, beer, wine, cheese, fresh vegetables, pretzels, sausages, etc come from my hometown") and stir in some status competition.

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