Are men or women more tolerant of inappropriate gifts?

As you go shopping for Christmas presents this holiday, bear in mind
that buying the wrong gift for a man could put your relationship with
him in jeopardy, whereas buying a bad gift for a woman is far less

Neither I nor Robin Hanson agree.  Here is the discussion.  The authors do present a rationale for their hypothesis:

The researchers think their findings are consistent with the tendency
for women to act as guardians of relationships, and that their positive
reaction to the receipt of a bad gift was a form of psychological
defence against the disappointment of receiving a dud present.

is, in response to the relational threat posed by receiving a bad gift
from a partner, women may be more motivated than men to protect their
sense of similarity to the gift-giver," the researchers said, adding
that this reflects "the broader tendency for women – more than men – to
guard relationships against potential threats."

What do you all think?


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