What I’ve been reading

1. Laurence M. Ball, Money, Banking, and Financial Markets.  A truly modern money and banking text; could this be the best money and banking text ever?  I don't yet see an Amazon link for it but presumably it will be out soon.  (Addendum: Link is now here.)

2. William Flesch, Comeuppance: Costly Signaling, Altruistic Punishment, and other Biological Components of Fiction.  An excellent book on why we find fiction and narrative so satisfying; the notion of vindication is central to the hypothesis.  Recommended.

3. David Post, In Search of Jefferson's Moose: Notes on the State of Cyberspace.  This book is written in the style of Jefferson in at least one way.  I mean that as praise.

4. Joel Kraemer, Maimonides: The Life and Times of One of Civilization's Greatest Minds.  Fills in many of the pieces about his life and work; it seems he lived part of his life as a practicing Muslim.


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