Stuff they don’t teach in graduate school

Chris Blattman has a problem to do with his research that they just don't teach about in graduate school.  Which type of anti-malarial drugs should he provide for his research assistants?

I have more and more research assistants in the field these days, and it would
be really fantastic if none of them fell deathly ill because of, well, my
research papers.

Here's the question. We have at least two perfectly
common anti-malarial options–doxycycline and mefloquine–each of which cost a
few cents each. They've been around a while, so we know what to expect. Doxy:
sun sensitivity in the occasional case, and no milk in your coffee that morning
(which is a tragedy). Mefloquine: crazy dreams among a few (including

Along comes a fancy-pants new drug, Malarone. It costs $6 a pill,
with insurance, and has to be taken every day. Why would I pay 120 times more
than the generic? Is it 10 times as effective? 1.2 times? Just as effective? As
far as I can tell, there aren't studies on the matter.


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