Africa fact of the day

About 10 percent of infants die in their first year of life in Africa
— still shockingly high, but considerably lower than the European
average less than 100 years ago, let alone 800 years past. And about
two thirds of Africans are literate — a level achieved in Spain only
in the 1920s.

Here is more.  The article makes additional interesting observations.


"a level achieved in Spain only in the 1920s": do we have a figure for Roman Spain?

Impossible to tell from the article which data apply to the entire continent, which apply only to sub-Saharan Africa (e. g.--how far would literacy rates in North African countries skew literacy rates for the entire continent?). A working definition for "literacy" might have been helpful, too.
Prior to 1500 CE, Africans of the sub-Saharan regions: 1) never domesticated equine mammals; 2) never invented or adopted the wheel; 3) never invented orthographies for their languages. What explanatory power might these data possess in terms of assessing prospects for African development?

Beside Africa this point of view might also serve as the tune for the "we do not have a health-care problem, we've the market" economists.

Something like "The US health-care system underperforms for some percentage points on several metrics compared to European systems, still shockingly high, but considerably lower than the European health-care performance less than 100 years ago, let alone 800 years past." ;-)

There's a slogan for you: "Not as bad as 1915 Europe!"

Am I supposed to be impressed?

Sorry for the cynicism.

Tyler, I thought you were familiar with the literature on IQ?
Because these kinds of comparisons are casuistic and completely ignore this obvious variable.

I mean, how many African countries resemble early 20th century Spain in terms of rule of law and infrastructure? I'd rather deal with the Spanish Civil War than child soldiers with machetes. Botswana and South Africa are the exceptions that prove the rule -- the former ruled by DeBeers, the latter the longest Euro-occupied country in Africa.

Doc Merlin, you go ahead and go long on Africa. People who understand HBD will short it. Let's see how, f'rex, South Africa fares in 2 years under Zuma (let alone 10).

It is implied in this comment that Africa is somehow on the path followed by more "developed" countries. There is no define path in the evolution of countries or continents.

Our nanny is from South Africa...she wears a shirt that says "Rich Bitch" when she goes out sometimes. She talks to her family at home on Skype. Her dad runs a chain of fast food chicken joints and he hates politicians. When he refused to endorse either local candidate some goon tried to shoot him, but her uncle beat the guy up.

She seems rather comfortable at home, but says it is much safer here.

Tyler, I thought you were familiar with the literature on IQ?

Even if they cannot attain first-world economies, it doesn't mean that they can't improve from their very low base, and make money for investors in the process.

Why would you compare present day Africa to 100 years ago in Europe?? Don't worry guys, THEY are only 100 years behind US?!

This connects directly to the data accumulated by Hans Rosling as detailed here. Time to break out of the old framework.

AF at Aug 31, 2009 2:43:57 PM wrote: "mud walled huts with thatched rooves"

That always bugged me in the accounts of the early European explorers. They would note the primitive mud-and-stick huts with grass roofs of the natives; but back home, they were in wattle-and-daub with thatch, not terribly different, just squarer and a bit thicker - but then, you want thick in a European winter, and you want breezes in an African summer.

For that matter, most of us still live in mud-and-stick houses, except now the sticks come out of a sawmill, and the mud is prefabricated in sheets of wallboard (and the joint compound is still called "mud"). I suppose our roofs are a little better now, but they're still sticks covered with asphalt and gravel.

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