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Question for Tyler: How do you invest your money? What does your portfolio look like? There's a Malkiel portfolio. What's the Cowen portfolio? Thx.

"I wish I would have never gotten into it," Stern said of her career in porn. "When you get used to a certain lifestyle, it's really hard to cut back and realize this may not be forever."

Shouldn't she have been considering the impacts aging would have on her career prospects regardless of the economy?

Would anybody here actually use the marrying strategy suggested? I think most would create a strategy that greatly reduces the risk of just ending up with thee 100th candidate. Something like interviewing 13 people(100/e/e) then selecting anyone who exceeds your top ordinally ranked person by more than the difference between your 1st and 2nd ranked person....then after your 37 interview selecting anyone that is ordinally ranked higher than your 1st ranked person, then between 67 and 77 select anyone ranked higher than your #3 person...then between 77 and 82 select anyone in your top 5% then between 83 and 93 select anyone your top 7.718% then between 94 and 99 select anyone in your top 17.718%...if you get to 100 you fucked up. Calculate the odds so that you don't end up at 100.

It's pretty interesting that, apparently, driving while talking on a hands-free cell phone is much more dangerous than not.

I'd like to see the numbers for talking to a passenger in the car. Is it as dangerous as talking on a cell phone?

I'd like to see the numbers for talking to a passenger in the car. Is it as dangerous as talking on a cell phone?

The theory goes that a passenger in the car shares your environment so they can realize when to shut up if there is a situation on the road that requires greater attention from the driver. A conversant on the other end of the phone is oblivious to driving conditions.

If it's my mom on the other end of the phone she's constantly haranguing me to be careful.

A study he cites in the book contends that talking on your mobile phone is about as debilitating as being legally drunk.

Considering the copious numbers of accidents you read about in the newspapers citing a driver who was "barely over the legal limit" -- i.e., none -- that hardly damns cell phone usage as particularly dangerous.

I used to drive a delivery job where I had to talk to a dispatcher on a CB to know where to drive next. At first I could tell that talking impaired my driving, but soon I learned a trick: I could keep my mind focused on my driving by constantly talking about what I saw around me, where I was, what other cars were doing, etc. So the talk became more like a conversation with someone in the car with me. This can work on cell phones too, but only if you are having a casual enough conversation that allows you to talk about your driving. The method doesn't work at all for business calls or charged emotional conversations.

thanks for the gould on richter

Your Gould link sent me googling to see if the excellent documentary on Gould's breakthrough 1957 Russian tour, which I saw on CBC a few years ago, was on-line. It is! In 6 Youtube parts. Highly recommended. He had a great impact in opening up Russia and remained a strong advocate of artistic freedom there. It took 40 years, but the curtain and wall did eventually come down.

On dating:

If you think dating is about serial, uncorrelated events with a fixed N, you have made so many errors that you deserve the sub-optimal choice you will inevitably make.

That is all.

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