China-Africa fact of the day

Based on official statistics, since 2003, the number of Africans in
Guangzhou has been growing at 30-40% annually. Based on a report in the
Guangzhou Daily, there might already be 100,000 in the community. They
come from Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Liberia, and Mali. Amongst these,
Africa’s most populous country Nigeria claims first place.

They primarily live in village-districts in the city of Guangdong
(like Dongpu, Dengfeng Jie, Yongping Jie). They do their business in a
few large-scale China-Africa commerce malls.

Here is more information and I thank David Shor for the pointer.


There have been racial conflicts already; over the past couple of years there have been protests by African traders over mistreatment by the local police (it was somewhat odd to read comments by people from Liberia and Sierra Leone saying "we have to be careful here, they're not democratic like we are." Uh, okay). Then there was that riot by Chinese students who felt that the local girls were being stolen. It's all a sad and familiar story.

@David: What's sad about it?

That humanity has an innate tendency to xenophobia, and skin colour has always been - and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be - one of the easiest ways to identify targets for our fears and ?

Or that people from poor and destitute nations flee to more prosperous societies in search of wealth, much of which is then repatriated to their families at home?

Its global redistribution of an essentially unjust historical allocation of resources, free market style. Yes, there are going to be some social and cultural tensions as a result. Yes, people are bound to suffer, even die, as a result of inevitable interracial violence in an ethnically heterogeneous society.

I still think the trade-off is, by any reasonable moral standard, the right thing to do.

Perhaps what's truly sad is that workers from Africa end up working in what is still more or less a totalitarian state, with less respect for human rights and the rule of law, when they could presumably be earning more money, in better conditions, and in a society more accustomed to the effects of immigration - which is to say, anywhere in the First World - if we had freer immigration laws globally.

Hell, and I'm not even a libertarian....

The PRC has a long history of mistreating its own native racial minorities, never mind immigrants...

That is true of all states.

Its global redistribution of an essentially unjust historical allocation of resources, free market style.

The cool thing about capitalism is that it continually increases the size of the pie, which is really what is most important.

Chinese men rioted against African students dating Chinese women back in the Maoist 1970s.

What is more interesting to me is how many Chinese people live in Nigeria! (Not surprisingly, they are well integrated and not marginalized.)

This is terrible!! Why would you allow those animals amongst the civilized Chinese??

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