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2. No idea what the inside baseball is about, but I have gotten the impression one could find a deep understanding of tragedy of the commons, signaling, irrational investment of resources etc. by spending half a year where I work. You could get 10 good ideas for an economics career.

This sounds like the most important thing to me "Elinor showed that there are lots of important cases where people follow rules about ownership without police officers."

I've always wondered why most people seem to think that the rules or enforcers do all that much. Maybe because most people fear them, but I think it is only when everyone enforces the rules they are respected.

Rules are obviously important for development, and yet a burdensome enforcement body is counterproductive, especially when people don't respect the rules, they have no moral authority, and you get corruption. It seems you really do need to have the rules evolve in place and then codified, in that order.

Tyler Cowen,

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4. "I'd like to thank my funding source, The President's Block Grant for End-of-Life Counseling Strategies."


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