Very good sentences

A woman as miserable as Ehrenreich should have no trouble accepting the
finding that women have grown less happy.  But she manages to see
Stevenson and Wolfers' work as yet another thing to be unhappy about.

That's from Bryan Caplan, a man who knows many things.  Here is an earlier piece of mine on Barbara Ehrenreich.


Hing, or Asafoetida, is a species of fennel native to Persia. It is used in many Indian vegetable and lentil dishes. It may be a close relative of the celebrated and extinct herb silphium.

We should all be so lucky as to know many hings.

Hings: a special subclass of the more commonly used word things that deal with angry, miserable hags.

Why should we accept Caplan's claim that Ehrenreich is "miserable?"

Like Caplan, I was surprised that Wolfers ever had any respect for Ehrenreich.

I was under the impression that you can't make a woman happy.

And as a comment in the link said, women were happier before feminism.

These kinds of generalizations are absurd. There are still people in former communist countries who insist life was much better before 1989. Some people don't appreciate freedom and choice. So what? If you are a libertarian as you claim, you would think that there is some value to being free to choose even if some people are made unhappy by having the responsibility to make that choice.

I watched her on John Stewart and thought she made a valid point that people might do well to value empathy over "advice."

If I only 'knew' America and its people through the internet (particularly where the people speak directly - forums, blog comments, etc.) I would think it a very pessimistic and gloomy citizenry that views virtually any issue with a strong bias toward skepticism against any 'happy' outlook, a people who are constantly seeing the glass half full at the very best.

A man as stupid as Bryan Caplan should have learned something from reading Barbara Ehrenreich. But if anything it seems to have made him even stupider.

"And as a comment in the link said, women were happier before feminism. Furthermore, even today, married women are more happy than the idealistic career women, probably because women have lives which make a lot more sense."

Yeah, this arrangement works great for a woman as long as her husband is willing and able to provide her with economic support (and he doesn't abuse her total economic dependency on him). But if she gets divorced or her husband dies first then she's likely to end up in poverty for the rest of her life.

Why is a quote that starts with an ad-hominem good?

Beautifully written and so very true! My MIL passed away a little over a year ago and having gone through visiting her in the Neuro ICU and all that has transpired since then†¦ I have had similar thoughts. Thankfully we serve A God who cares about all the details of our life ,and will use every bit of it no matter how quickly it seems to pass for His purposes!

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