Markets in everything

Stab vests for the World Cup in South Africa.

From the authorities:

The national police says the company [selling the vests] was causing "unnecessary fear".

South Africa's football boss Kirsten Nematandani has assured visitors that all safety measures were in place.

South Africa has one of the world's highest rates of violent crime.  The full story is here and I thank Stan Tsirulnikov and Wes Winham for the pointer.


What's the big deal? Just sounds like good common sense to me. Do they have a model with extra large mag pouches? I'm thinking for appropriate accessorizing a G-3 will appeal. You know, not too heavy, not too light. More sophisticated than an AK.

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A dozen years ago I heard that a doctor
who wished to specialize in emergency
medicine could not better than to work
for a time one of South Africa' hospitals.

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