Lots of assorted links today, the world has been busy

1. What Brad DeLong really needs (hint: Peter Orszag already is getting it).

2. Claims about education and attention.

3. Bhagwati reviews Moyo.

4. Problems with India's Green Revolution.

5. The well that never runs dry: the culture that is Japan, with a cameo by Gorbachev, who is being fed eels.


Oh, I read that and thought DeLong needed to get himself some sweet-a$$ Golodryga.

1. 23andme is run by the Google wife, right? I could Google that but I'll just note that I think she was working privacy while her husband is making it irrelevant.

Anyway, this is what medicine needs and has almost none of and it's a lot cheaper than treating infections.

genetic testing for disease susceptibility, as it currently stands is little better than snake oil. The test doesn't prove that he can't die of caffeine via some other mechanism/pathway.

Think that article reveals more about the stodginess of reporting in the Times then I did about "the culture that is Japan".

SMAP may be tone deaf and overexposed but their shows are extremely entertaining compared to dreck like Celebrity Apprentice or the View. The scripted bits have an endearing tendency to break down like a Craig Ferguson monologue.

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