Ameyaltepec black bean stew

I find this recipe improbable, but I enjoy it and it is cheap, easy, healthy, and eco-friendly.  A version of it was first served to me by the de la Rosa family and I believe it was cooked by one of the daughters-in-law of Felipe de la Rosa.

Pour two cans of Goya black beans into a pot and let them simmer over low heat.  In a separate pan, heat four fresh jalapeno chiles and one not-too-large cinnamon stick in canola oil, Mexican cinnamon of course.  After a few minutes, stick that in a blender with enough water to make it work.  Pour the blended mix back into the simmering black beans.  Let simmer a bit more.  Toss in a small amount of sliced white onions with five minutes to go (optional).

Serve with rice or fresh tortillas and squeeze some lime over the top.  See if your local Latino market will sell you Mexican Coca-Cola.


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