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#1: I grinned at Mrs Merkel's movements at the Germany-Argentina game. She looked as if she wanted to find someone to hug, or to dance with.

#6 is a tragedy of non-status-quo reference points (Kosegi-Rabin?). Those holidays are meant to shower attention on people who have been neglected the rest of the year. Instead, formal holidays create astronomically high expectations, so that a Valentine's Day that is better than all other days, but worse than what a wife expects, is actually coded as a loss. The pain of a mediocre valentine's day is similar to a truly bad act (DUI, extra-marital flirting, etc) on another day.

The answer, of course, is to lower expectations. Dole out one Valentine's day worth of gifts and attention across 3 randomly chosen days from the whole calendar. Note: she must know the plan, because it's her expectations, not yours, that must be lowered.

Would you mind reminding me about #6 a bit before the day's observance next year?

tyler cowen.... we are a couple of your old friends from your youth..... Mr. Pine and his Purple House.... and Leonard kessler... my daughter in madison , wisconsin's friend gave her a copy or your best books selections in THIS WEEK and there was the
incredible independent Mr. Pine my favorite character.... ( I think that I am really Mr. Pine.... I have a purple
front door..... and a wall in one of my studios is lavender},,, thank you for including mr. Pine in your best books
list. I am honored and humble to be with my favorite authors..... Dostoyevsky... Proust... and Dickens.... ( could I add
God Bless You Mr. Rosewater... Kurt Vonegut... Chekhov Uncle Vanya...and Saroyan The Time of Your Life..} I want to
send you a package... I have an address of George Mason U... 4400 University dr.. Fsirfax, Va 22630-4444 is this correct?
by the way, the Article in May , Washington Post said you read five books in a

happy July.... cheers , Leonard Kessler.... the grandkids have dubbed me... Lenardo Octavius the K...

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