Who are the interesting collaborators?

Pensans, an MR reader of uncertain loyalty, requests:

How about a really systematic exploration of other contemporary collaborators with totalitarian regimes whose propaganda you would like to tout to unsettle readers? Or, would that disturb the shocking effect of your bold free thought on your readership?

The following names come to mind as "collaborators" worth reading or otherwise imbibing:

Martin Heidegger, Pablo Neruda, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean-Luc Godard, Susan Sontag, Ezra Pound, Eric Foner, Eric Hobsbawm, and I have lost track of who exactly apologized for Castro but it is many smart people.

H. Bruce Franklin, editor of "The Essential Stalin," was a splendid teacher and he had a notable influence on me.

There's a long list of Western intellectuals and Founding Fathers who apologized for slavery and violent imperialism.  Although that does not fit the word "totalitarianism" exactly, it was often a form of totalitarianism — or worse – for those who suffered under it.


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