Wishing Happy Holidays to All Our Readers



Thanks and the same to you and Tyler and your families.

Flame needs fuel. Fuel is your soul. Your soul = your brain + your heart.

OMG this is awesome! Every year my family would watch a video of a fireplace. This is a great substitute.

Flames of Liberty?

Thanks for doing an interesting website.

That looks perfect if you zoom it to fit an iPad screen! Wish I had that a few days ago here in -10c Scotland.
Merry Christmas, missmc

I'm sure they can barely make ends meet in NYC. Raising the tax rates on salaries in excess of $250K would make them work less, without a doubt.

By and large, I clearly had not found a way to help classes full of MBAs see that there is more to life than money, power, fame and self-interest.

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