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1. New blog from the New York Fed.  And a new blog comparing China to India.

2. Grain bin accidents.

3. Japan explains its nuclear problems to children (video).

4. Where are the robots in Japan’s nuclear crisis?

5. Good Josh Marshall post on Libya.

6. Markets in everything: “One of Taiwan’s top Japanese restaurants is offering diners the use of a radiation gauge before they eat in case of any nerves in the wake of Japan’s nuclear disaster.”  And here are hoof shoes.

7. Right now, only Canadians need this.  Soon many more millions will want it.

8. Ricardian video from the Thai Military Bank.


The pro-China blog reminds me of some football fan websites I've come across. How has China failed to take over the world with all this high-speed rail expertise and efficiency? Why haven't the Indians just given up and asked China to run their country for them? These and many other important questions are bravely raised by this important blog. I hope this person is getting paid for his/her web-lobbying.

Word. It seems solely interested in pointing out why China is better than India in every capacity. He (or she) does not go into much depth as far as the mechanisms involved with any issue that is covered. All we should take away from the article is that the Chinese are naturally more efficient, naturally less boastful, and naturally better civil engineers. Much of what he is saying is no secret (my oversimplified rule when comparing the two countries is that China has the macro/policymaking stuff right and the micro/entrepreneurial stuff and civil liberties wrong, while India has the macro wrong but the micro and civil liberties right). I would love to know more about the mechanisms by which the Chinese government is more efficient than the Indian government, but this is just cheerleading and axe-grinding.

Also, I can think of at least 2 solid, and fairly understandable, reasons for why Indians might be more insecure about being considered a "poor" country than the Chinese are.

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Thanks Tyler for your link. My traffic stats are going crazy. My previous record was ~100 page views but today I have 1000+.

I write my blog with an Indian audience in mind. To this primarily American blog, my opinions seem bland, uninsightful, and overdone but for those who follow foreign policy punditry in India, the blog offers a novel and provocative viewpoint. For over 5 years, the dominant opinion of the Indian chattering class is India will eventually win in the Great Race against China.

Here are samples of the common view from India:


I am trying to add another view to an often one sided debate.

Ricardian in what sense?

I'd guess Ricardian in the sense of dealing with the differential value of land (in this case owing not to its "original and indestructible powers," but its flatness and solidity).

Then again, people use "Ricardian" to mean any number of things...

Thanks! I'm an econ grad student, and even I couldn't understand what that reference meant, haha. Sometimes his references are as obscure as those found in a Family Guy episode.

Grain-drowning can be pretty horrific. It's amazing how quickly you can get sucked underneath.

Being snarky, I wonder if we are going to get the United States off of grain now. How about a grain moratorium?

Grain bin rescue is also very tricky. Apparently pulling a person out puts his spine at risk of damage.

I'm in Canada and I have no problem seeing the NY Times.

Read more. You need to hit 20 pages.

Regarding Libya, looks like our intervention without any prospect of "boots on the ground" will likely lead eventually to a de facto partition of the country. I have posted on this on Econospeak.

Grain bins more dangerous than nuclear power plants. Whodda thunkit?

There is no such thing as a safe grain bin.

The prostitutes are better in China than in India, too.

Are there more than 3 people out there who think our attack on Libya is smart? Is our foreign policy now completely on auto-pilot?

Why would anyone want a feed of Times stories?


Why not just ignore the Times, as it so obviously wants to be ignored?

the grain-bin story is something i think bears repeating. Farmers/Fishermen/Loggers die at a much higher rate than police, but yet you ALWAYS hear police discuss "the dangers of being in the line of duty" and, writ large, the populations they service concede them some sort of "hero" status. As R. Hanson might quip, "Dangerous occupations are not dangerous occupations"
As a farmer myself, resquiat in pacem young men. you've earned your sleep. And my thoughts with their parents

I grew up in Northern Illinois, and I remember getting the lecture countless times about going into grain mills. Scary as hell.

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