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3. I think Andy Kaufman already cornered that market.

2. Notice that the eggs are still not even partially cooked 30 seconds after "turning on the glass" (stagnating eggs) Also, what kind of people do they think take the bus. Put those panels at a bus stop in my neighborhood (stagnating humans), and we'll see how damage proof they are.

#5: hat tip to

4. "in male victims, genitalia are mutilated"

Not deez nuts. 9mm.

I can't help but notice that the glass can see you and recognize you, but still requires you to get up and touch it (very awkward on your average 10ft screen). Shouldn't gestures at a distance be sorted out by then?

I saw a nearly identical video about ten years ago that Orange, the France Telecom mobile phone, showed during a road show in the US. It showed how mobile phone technology was going to change our lives. All of the "gee whiz" stuff never came to fruition, especially dedicated, stand-alone technology that was based upon cellular signals. However, I have a communication device in my pocket that would make any Star Trek fan from the 60s thrilled to make it to the 00s.

We're just not going to have refrigerators that allow us to draw on electronic pictures. No one would pay for that. We're also not going to embed rapidly obsolescing technology in kitchen counters. We may completely change what type of glass we put in our windows though, especially if it saves us lots of money on our energy bills.

1. That was fun. I've been a Stravinsky fan for a while, and also enjoyed the Mahler takedown. That, and Danses Concertantes is one of the New York City Ballet's over-the-top performances that really presents Stravinsky in that, "Yeah, I went there. Except I totally didn't." way.

2. Point of information on British phrases: What is the matter with 'going pear-shaped?' Go pear-shaped early, I say.

Going pear-shaped means going wrong.

This is childish of me, but my first response was to wonder who would win in a fight between the chimp and the North Korean special forces officer?

Putting NYT next to NYT links would be nice. I wouldn't want to go over my limit.

What would be in a steel company's PR video from the 1950s on the "near future"?

genes that close together are less likely to be separated during the process of "crossing over" and are therefore "linked". The furhter down the chromosome the more likely crossing over will occure.

from the glass ad: soccer shoes on the kitchen counter?? no TGS for germs in the shiny future I guess! And, as noted above, eggs cooking so slowly at the maximum temperature, sooo not the future but miserable present school day mornings!

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