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Young businesses need credit, often money from credit cards or home equity. I can see how the housing crisis hurt business formation, and that is still going on - house values are not going up. I wonder if all the new credit regulations to save us from ourselves are going to hurt the economy even more going forward. I know when I just refinanced, I felt like a teenager asking my dad for money - I am in very good financial shape, so it was only very annoying - but I bet it kills more than a few starts up before they exist.

#2. It certainly seems to motivate Democrats.

1. "Tyler also gets it wrong by suggesting we raise the status of scientists. It is engineers and business innovators more generally, whose status needs a boost. Scientists already claim too much credit for social innovation – they have little to do with most of it."

That's a good point.

Does anyone knows if Kobe Bryant's pass to himself off the backboard constitutes a missed field goal?

3. Interesting. The first 2 passes were brilliant but on the 3rd he had an open lane to the basket and it looked like showboating and the announcer was annoyed by the display -- yet perhaps what appeared as showboating was practice for when he would use it to advantage later. Maybe showboating is underrated as it is often a form of practice.

I believe #5 has been effectively rebutted here:

3. Who said Kobe doesn't pass?

Ha! You win this round.

#5. I'll say one thing about China's advancements in everything. Whatever they do, they'll do faster than us. If the few guys who make the decisions decide to do something they believe is good for the country, they don't have to satisfy (coddle) very many opinions before they implement it. If it doesn't work, they try something else, also without much public debate. They tried Communism and found it didn't work as intended. So they changed to "controlled global capitalism", and are putting all their effort into it. We, on the other hand, prefer to spend every two years trying to undo what the other party did for the last two years.

True, but at least we all didn't starve to death in the Great Leap Forward.

I didn't say it was a better system, just a lot faster. ;-)

They tried Communism and found it didn’t work as intended.

In 1932. took another 45 years for that one to change

True, but even after giving us that much of a head start, they're still going to become more scientifically proficient in a few years.

Not to worry though. They don't know our secret long term political strategy. By defunding planned parenthood, we expect to surpass their population before the end of this century.

2. Envy requires competitive emotions; yours and the person you're competing with. Admiration requires nurturing emotions from both participants. Hey, wait a minute! Is this another one of those feminist "glass ceiling" arguments?

"Is envy a stronger motivator than admiration?"

Yes. Also, ideology is an exponentially more powerful motivator than financial gain.

From Hanson: "I just read my first book via phone, Tyler’s The Great Stagnation. Turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant way to read, especially while traveling."

Reading a book on a phone. Yes, stagnation indeed.

#3 is cool to watch in a montage on YouTube. It is also the reason no one watches the NBA but people still go wild for NCAA basketball...

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