Former markets in everything

Ice cream made from [human] breast milk has been removed from a central London restaurant on health grounds following complaints by members of the public.

Here is more.  The response?:

Mr O'Connor, said: "We have had an amazing response – many women have come forward and offer to give us milk.

"You can buy alcohol and tobacco but not breast milk in Westminster.

For the pointer I thank John Chilton.


Bad news for vegans: breast milk is vegan.

What if you relabeled it and sold it as baby food?

Are cow "body-fluids" more likely to pass diseases to humans or another human? Why don't they just pasteurize and be done with it?

I should have guessed the authoritarians would come out on this one. That culture is obsolete in the middle-class west, though. It's not a good way to raise your kids to be successful.

Sometimes I don't understand people. Who would complain about this? If you don't like it, just order something else off the menu.

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