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…a McWedding starts at $1,280, which includes food and drinks for 50 people. The package includes a budget version of the usual trappings: a “cake” made of stacked apple pies, gifts for the guests and invitation cards, each with a wedding photo of the couple. (Hong Kong wedding photos are taken in advance, with the couple in rented finery.)

McDonald’s employees dressed in black suits mimic the actions of hostesses at upscale hotels. They greet guests at the entrance, usher them to the signature book and deliver food, even if it is just a Big Mac and fries.

The story is here and for the pointer I thank Chris F. Masse.  Don’t forget this part:

McWeddings were first announced on Oct. 10, 2010, because “10-10-10” is another lucky combination.

The lack of alcohol has not seemed to bother anyone, and Ms. Chang said there had been no requests for it so far. Instead, couples toast with something sugary, because of the implications of “sweetness” in Chinese belief. “That’s why we toast with sundaes,” she said. “You can have a lot of fun with soft drinks.”


This leads me to wonder why in the North American culture many people feel the need to use alcohol to feel more comfortable at social events but the same does not seem to be the case in other cultures. Do other cultures accept feeling less relaxed? Is the difference explained by differences in the need for conformity? Is it that some culture's weddings are supposed to be boring and so alcohol is required or that they are supposed to be boring so that alcohol is frowned upon?

It's because most Chinese people have a low tolerance to alcohol, and generally prefer sweet to bitter.

plus, Chinese made wine and spirits are just terrible, absolutely terrible.

Full respect, Andrew L but I have seen Chinese, especially overseas Chinese drink me under the table on beer, wine, whiskey, sake, etc. Even if their natural tolerance is lower than this white boy's, the ones I know have gone to great lengths to nurture their resistance to alcohol's effects. My sample group is businessmen (and is stress men) which may not be representative.

I agree with you about Chinese wine and spirits though the Chinese know this too. The beer is not bad.

I think the notion of a McWedding is great and if more commercial at least less rat-racey than the usual. The cost of these things is way out of hand. It sounds like a blast and I would love to go to one or better be the father of the bride paying for it.

In China, if you wanted shanghai cuisine, you had to travel to shanghai, guangdong cuisine, travel to guangdong. Basically local restaurants only served local food. It's hard for me to imagine, but Fast food to the chinese must be a big thing. Exotic western food that you could get anywhere and it has a consistent taste everywhere.

Here in the US, i think people, faced with so many options they can find everywhere, make a big deal of local tastes, and in China, people make a big deal of... choices!

I think it's interesting how popular american fast food imports are. consider how upscale pizza hut is in china compared to US and how amazingly popular KFC is over there.

That's the impression I get from my Chinese coworkers. Apparently, outside of Beijing or Shanghai, McDonald's is considered a premium dining option. The Chinese grad students here fill the nearby McDonald's at lunchtime. That having been said, I highly doubt that McDonald's has the same perception in Hong Kong, where it would be much less exotic.

well a McDonald's wedding is being held there... sooo... :)

That's absolutely not true. You can get BEST shanghai cuisine in shanghai and BEST guangdong cuisine in guangdong, but you don't have to travel there to get their cuisine. Those cuisines are very common in other places also. As long as it can be called a cuisine, you will find it spreading to other cities. You can even find special cuisine from a village (small village, I don't even remember the name now) from FuJian (close to Guangdong, so south China) in Beijing (north China).

McDonald was super popular 10 years ago when it first entered Chinese market, but honestly, now it's just a fast food place like what you think it is in US. McWedding is new concept, and HK people like new stuff, so they try it, not because it's upscale wedding style whatsoever. So I doubt the business can last long.

The part about HK wedding photos being taken in advance explains a lot for me. On nice Saturdays, it's common to see the whole wedding party, with the bride in an incredible white gown with a long train, having pictures taken at various parks, etc.. I always wondered why they spent their wedding day like that.

we're visiting this item again merely because the nytimes has written about it?


1,280, which includes food and drinks for 50 people. The package includes a budget version of the usual trappings: a “cake” made of stacked apple pies, gifts for the guests and invitation cards, each with a wedding photo of the couple. (Hong Kong wedding photos are taken in

That's funny! But I think the wedding and the party is definitely not the same concept. Wedding should be a sacred solemn thing. There should be new couple, a lot of beautiful wedding flowers and friends in the church (before God), all of them witness the marriage vow of new couple with God.
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