Market failure in everything

From Stuttgart:

Paid to do it, but fails to make his friend’s wife pregnant after 72 attempts.”

The subsequent unraveling of the mystery revealed that the hired friend was sterile and in fact not the biological father of his two children.

For the pointer I thank A.L.


This is why paternity tests should be mandatory at birth. It would save a lot of heartbreak later.

PCR was invented in 1983. Not sure if you could do a paternity test in 1978.

That has been circulating the Internet for years. Let me Snopes it right now.

yeah, my bullshit detector went off when i read this, but i don't see it on snopes. this story has too many perfect elements to be true.

If O'Henry wrote porn it would read about like this.

Talk about a case for 'pay-for-outcomes.'

I love Google Books. Snopes does not have it, but here is the original article from a 1978 issue of Jet:

Good law school exam question.

Mutual mistake, failure of consideration, attempt, breach of contract, restitution and equitable remedies.

And, law of unintended consequences.

Can't believe the guy wanted to be paid. She was an ex-beauty queen after all.

"Ex" being the operative syllable, perhaps.

Sex with beauty queen + money > sex with beauty queen
What's to wonder?

On the gripping hand, it would probably be easier to convince your own wife you weren't enjoying it if you had to be paid to do it.

Could only be more perfect if the two kids were from the paying friend. O'Henry where art thou?!

We need an annual MR short story contest.

I think the article is a hoax. All searches of Demetrius Soupolos turn onto this story, and more importantly, I could not find the VERDICT of the case, which I feel is the most important thing here.

And more importantly, I found no German news articles on Demetrius...all the news articles I could find are second-hand. It appeared we are dealing with a real problem here.

Nor any German beauty queen called Traute.

While we're off having a laugh, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (a webcomic at the nexus of science, skepticism, and funny) poses an amusing quandary regarding economist pick-up lines:

Said a husband: "The Lord will not bless me,
Dear wife, with descendants, unless we
Make a deal with a neighbor
The fruit of his labor
To compensate with a success fee."

Many offers came in by the bunch,
And a contract was drawn up at once,
But later said Eve:
"I cannot conceive
Why it hasn't worked out in six months."

So the laws of supply & demand
May not always function as planned,
For sometimes you need,
For a deal to succeed,
More than just the Invisible Hand.

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