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“Tattoo artists in Florida must either be licensed to practice medicine or dentistry or be supervised by someone who is.”

Here is more and for the pointer I thank Steve Diaz.


64B8-2.002, F.A.C.
64B8-2.002 Tattooing: General Supervision.

The term "general supervision," as applied to tattooing under the provisions of Section 877.04(1), Florida Statutes, shall mean the supervision of the tattooist by a supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist, which supervision shall not require the physical presence of the supervisor when procedures are performed, but shall require the following items:
(1) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist, initially upon assuming duties as the supervisor and semiannually thereafter, shall review and inspect the techniques, procedures, and equipment utilized by the tattooist in the performance of tattooing.
(2) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist shall provide semi-annual training for the tattooist in the areas of infection control, sterilization, and emergency procedures.
(3) The supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist and the tattooist shall develop jointly written procedures regarding the medical condition for individuals to receive tattoos, treatment of routine minor problems resulting during or from tattooing, and detailed procedures to be followed in the event of emergency situations developing during the performance of or as a result of tattooing. These written procedures will be maintained in a readily available location on the premises of the tattooist, and a copy shall be maintained by the supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist. Such written procedures will be readily available for inspection and review by agents of any or all of the following: The Department of Health, the Board of Medicine, the Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, and the Board of Dentistry.


Specific Authority 458.309, 877.04(1) Fla. Stat. Law Implemented 877.04(1) Fla. Stat.


New 9-24-92, Amended 1-20-93, Formerly 21M-29.002, 61F6-29.002, 59R-2.002.

This is actually pretty common. My brother-in-law lies in Ocean City (MD) but has to have his shop 40 min away in Salisbury because the county has this regulation.

I just read the actual law and for his shop the MD must be co-located with him which makes it basically a ban for the "family friendly" tourist town.

The regulation actually makes sense , although it probably wouldn't hurt to include Nurses in there as well.

The regulation doesn't make sense.

If the aim of the regulation is to improve health aspects, why not tackle the issue directly? Ie require tattooist to undertake a specific medical course, rather than be 'supervised' by someone who is off-site?

Rather, this regulation sets up an opportunity for a doctor/dentist/etc to market "jointly written procedures" and offer their services as a "supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist" without actually having to do anything.

If the aim of the law is to improve health aspects of tatoos, then do it directly, not with indirect, weak and distorting mechanisms.

As an aside, assuming for a minute that this piece of regulation is in fact the perfect piece of regulation for the problem (ie directly targetted and efficient), I wonder whether or not the Government undertook some sort of impact assessment and worked out whether the marginal benefits of the regulation (the change in incidences of infection and associated costs, 'happier' customers knowing their tattooist has 'written procedures', etc) outweigh the costs involved in implementing the regulation.

Perhaps a more efficient and effective outcome would be for no regulation, but tattooists complete for customers by using their medical skills as a marketing element? (Alternatively, where is the market failure requiring regulation?).

04(1), Florida Statutes, shall mean the supervision of the tattooist by a supervising physician, osteopathic physician, or dentist, which supervision shall not require the physical presence of the supervisor when procedures are performed, but shall require the following items:
(1) The supervising phys

So what lobby gets laws like this passed? Are the doctor's bodies so much stronger than tatooists in Florida? The only ones making any money out of this are doctors.

This is a cultural thing. It isn't about restricting competition as much as creating a law that makes it harder to be a Tatoo artist. I would rather see an inspection type system that also monitors bad health outcomes.

What's a "osteopathic physician" in the USA? Is that a MD-orthopedics or a chiropractor or some totally different beast?

It's a D.O. degree.

IVV: Thanks! Medicine certifications in the US are a mess. M.D.'s , D.O.s, chiropractors, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners. Whew! Hard to know who does what and who's a quack.

All states should have a similar provisions for hair-removal technicians. Except instead of requiring medical supervision, the entire "profession" should be outlawed.

No entiendo.

Are you saying a woman (or man) should not legally be able to get waxed by a third party in exchange for payment? Why not?

Hair-removal? Maybe he is talking about barbers.

Because nothing is finer on a woman than a thick, rich, luxuriant ... oh to hell with it, the Hideous Pedophilic Bald Eagle is an unstoppable force :(

And, of course, all men should have full beards all the time too—because women who like clean shaven men are paedophiles. Is that the right logic?

Peter has one cause: more hair on the modern American female crotch.

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It doesn't make sense. Doctors don't even know about other specialties. They will know nothing about tattooing. If the sterilization techniques are simple enough for any old doctor to supervise, then they are too simple to take a physician's time doing it.

"The Hideous Pedophilic Bald Eagle"?

I kind of think of it as evolution expedition.

By increasing the cost of compliance with regulations, you help thin the market. Obviously, there are tattoo shops that will not be able to afford a supervising physician, and will be shut down. This means more business for the tattoo shops that are already doing very well.

Like most government regulations, it is simply a way for businesses to limit competition. If government passed a law that says "only the currently successful tattoo shops may stay in business", it would be obvious that government is simply the pawn of powerful established economic interests. The government needs to sell crony-capitalism as social-democracy... pretend to be "protecting" the public and all.

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