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"Recently, China has overtaken the US as the largest beer economy." Another sure sign of the decline of the US and the rise of China.

4. I read a lot after my first daughter was born. It's when they're two that they become time sucks (in the sense than anything you need to pay attention to is a time suck).

Maybe insurance companies will find it less expensive to hire and place nurses on large campuses. (I am sure that there must be some of this already going on.)

It's a Kuznets Curve for beer.

i have never understood why nurses cant open up their own practices. why are people forced to see doctors? this is just another example of government monopoly.

In some states nurse practitioners can open their own practices. Others require them to be attached to a doctor's practice.

When looking at Southern American countries, the beer culture is highly correlated with when the Germans immagrated, and how many of them showed up (look at Columbia, as an example: lots of blue eyes, lots of beer).

There are some exceptions like Peru, where the Incans were making beer out of corn well before Europeans arrived.

@2 - I suspect the Black Death had a pretty significant impact on social mobility during the 1300s. Also comparing the success of skilled tradesman of the middle ages and the poor of the last century doesn't seem like a useful comparison. Finally, England in the late middle ages had its own wealth redistribution policies in place, it was called pillaging France.

The following chart explains the "jobless" recovery better than any recalculation, TGS, or ZMP theory:

Basically, the recovery has been jobless because there has been no recovery.


We have a non-functioning housing market. If people aren't buying houses they aren't buying much. The global economy is growing and corporate profits have been rising because we have been exporting more. Locally in the USA, the economy hasn't picked up much.

1. What predicts a country’s beer consumption?

A: Why, it's thirst, of course! how long the hockey playoffs run into June.

mobility should be going down...more of the population has the potential to go from farmer to somewhat skilled artisan than to go from farmer to marginally productive computer programmer or manager...

I found it surprising the percentage spirit consumption in the U.S was so high.
beer wine spirits
47.05 11.15 41.79

beer wine spirits
52.71 16.04 31.25

Among non-spirit countries, the U.S had the highest percent in 1961 (quite close to beer), and second-highest in 2005. It was also the only beer country to increase the percent beer from 1961 to 2005.

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