China arbitrage story of the day German flight attendants arrested in quantitative easing scheme

Six Lufthansa employees, including four flight attendants, have been arrested after sneaking in more than 63,000 pounds of out-of-circulation, €1 and €2 coins from China back to Germany over the last four years.

Euro coins have two color tones, gold and silver, and when the German Central Bank takes the coins out of circulation, the two colors (see picture to the left) are separated then sent to China to be melted down into scrap metal.

A wily group in China reassembled the coins rather melting them, then sent them back to Germany with four LH flight attendants serving as “mules.”…The FAs would then take the coins to the Bundesbank (only the central bank in Germany accepts damaged coins) and turn them in for bills.

The story is humorous throughout, and for the pointer I thank none other than Air Genius Gary Leff.  Here is further detail (NYT) as to how the arbitrage worked and relied on low Chinese wages to reassemble the coins in a cost effective manner.


OK, I am a big fan of the QE joke in the title. That is all.

This is obviously funny; but at some point, isn't the extent to which China, both officially and unofficially, functions as a large sovereign version of Chicago in the 1920s a real problem for both its people and those who wish to do business with China, in the long run?

As opposed to our Righteous Democracy of Awesome!

I wholeheartedly agree. Like Todd says, only when we end the prohibition on counterfeiting will this madness finally stop!

What affect does counterfeit currency (I'm guessing this is the same or similar to counterfeiting) have on inflation, even if small?

Normally it increases inflation. However, the ECB is inflation targetting, so basically they just decreased the number of open market operations, transferring income away from seigniorage to themselves. Honestly, Europe could use a bit more money, so perhaps they should be hailed as Sumnerian heros.

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I wonder how many times a coin made the round trip? And who ever said you couldn't make a return on cash.

It seems some other Europe based bank was sending the coins to China. One bank didn't obliterate the outgoing coins and the other (Bundesbank) didn't verify the incoming coins. Looks like Germany is bailing out the Euro in more ways than known.

How did the customs inspectors know the coins were invalid? The NYT points out that there are legitimate businesses which specialize in redeeming foreign currency that ends up in China. Do German customs agents have specialists on staff who can discern reassembled coins from legitimate ones?

It's impressive how wasteful people can be in the pursuit of efficiency, sending a trivial scrap melting operation thousands of miles away out of their control, for example, instead of in the same facility as the coin splitters.

What's wasteful about this? How can something be efficient and wasteful all at once?

Government, that's how.

If you're conserving what you're trying to conserve and wasting other stuff. In this case, conserving money and wasting energy, I guess. The problem is if what you're wasting is more socially valuable than what you're conserving, regardless of their relative values to you.

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