Markets in everything the culture that is Denmark

The Spermbike.

It is intended as an environmentally friendly way to carry sperm to fertility clinics scattered around Copenhagen.

But is it actually environmentally friendly or is it, as is so often the case, an advertising gimmick?  The bike has its own cooler and:

Producing the Sperm Bike was no easy task. It was constructed by the Danish company 10 Tons – who specialise in zoological and botanical models as well as paleontologic reconstructions, including full-size whales and dinosaurs.

With the tail, the bike is 2.9 metres long and fully-loaded with… um… sperm… it weighs 50 kg.

For the pointer I thank James Hohman.


He'd better be careful in not running into an egg truck.

Is there an EggBike waiting on the other end? And do they have to send thousands of bikes to fulfill one delivery?

I think he uses condom wax and tires.

As a bike, it's not all that different from other carrier bikes, e.g. the wide variety made the by American firm Worksman, such as this:

It's the cooler that's special. For some reason, it reminds me of the extermination vehicle in "Men in Black".

A guy driving a sperm bike is not wearing a helmet? Always practice safe sex assistance, people!

I'm not sure about the overall carbon footprint of the bike, but as a general use delivery vehicle it certainly fits in, as 30-40% of the local population bikes to work.

It does look aerodynamic though.

We need to have these in the US solely for the chance to see one followed by the Wienermobile.

How environmentally friendly is something that specifically tries to increase the population?
Should we add the carbon footprint of all these new babies to it?

Denmark traditionally leads the world in commercial sperm exports. All around the world, lots of people who need a sperm donor want their kid to wind up half-Danish.

I thought this was a pastry.

lol... riding that thing must be so embarassing. their marketing efforts do leave a lot to be desired. it's a bit tacky, too.

@Todd - In Denmark and the Netherlands everyone cycles, and no one wears a helmet. Cycling infrastructure in Denmark and the Netherlands is great (having been to both, I'd say it's a bit better in the latter), making cycling very safe and easy. Helmets are only used in bicycle racing (because of the higher speeds and higher risk of crashes).

Check out these two excellent blogs on cycling in Denmark and the Netherlands, respectively:

Youtube has lots of videos showing cycling in these countries, including this one which in the opening seconds shows a woman carrying 3 (!) little children in a cargo bike. And that's not a unique case either, it's completely acceptable since the roads are designed to be safe for cyclists.

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