And the big winner is…

Other than Obama, the team that actually killed OBL, and the Indians who warned against Pakistani military and intelligence agency perfidy, I say Twitter was the big winner last night.  The military operation itself was, unknowingly, live tweeted.  The national outpouring of emotion, interpretation, jokes, and analysis came rapidly, even before Obama’s speech started.  There was a short moment of overload but overall the Twitter network held up well.


People just can't disaggregate. Of course the Seal Team deserves credit, but who else would they have sent to do the job? As for this mission, they took a risk and get the reward.

Btw, hate to quibble, but they could have taken him alive.

Thankfully, they did the moral thing, and killed him with a compassionate, painless head shot.

I think they planned to take him dead. Much cleaner... politically at least. A trial & execution would have been a circus.

Reuters is reporting that the mission was to kill, not capture.

Why wouldn't they capture him if given the opportunity?

It's also not that unrealistic. There are units trained to rescue hostages.

Probably Obama wanted to up his national security street cred. Or, at least he didn't lose cool points for capping his ass.

"There are units trained to rescue hostages." And while Osama would make a hostile hostage, his 'captors' probably wouldn't kill him. It might have been easy.

Not to mention they did capture his corpse.

Alive? These aren't the movies and men like Bin Laden don't "give up" 'cause we want him to do so. Arguing that taking him alive was truly an option is arguing against reality; in my opinion, it turns a man like Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists into cardboard cut-outs who'll implicitly cower and give up when the military surrounds his house. The tactical element did what it does and did it well. I'm fascinated by the intelligence that developed around the compound and by the "go call" taken by Obama and the military.

I wanted alive. If you don't ask, you don't get.

If they had indeed managed to capture him alive, I wonder what his official status would have been? "Prisoner of War"? That might subject him to the international conventions. Aha!

A CNN reporter got wind of it at 10:45. By 11, everybody in the US knew.

That's a hell of a logistic curve, BTW.

Dead is good enough for me.

I still don't know why the photos weren't released with the announcement. Just silly not to.

Unfortunately for Obama, this will provide a momentary blip in popularity only. The economy will continue to dominate the coming election.

Where's the corpse kept?

They buried the corpse at sea so no shrine could be erected.

Does that mean they tossed him off the heli on the way here?

Tyler, please tell me when the rational Tyler is back so we can have a serious discussion about winners and political consequences.

I think there is a possibility that the benefit to Obama may be a bit more long-lasting - even if not in the polls. A significant portion of the right has been painting him as not just left-wing but as fundamentally un-American and unpatriotic. The manner of Osama's killing belies that.

Of course his polls will slide downward from here on depending on the economy, but a significant angle of attack on Obama has been defused this week.

Since the initial lead was obtained from detainee interrogations under GWB (as reported by the White House in their official briefing), there are those trying to turn it into a victory for the detainee interrogation policy.

The TSA is *not* a loser, since now security will simply be stepped up in case of revenge attacks.

The big winners are anyone who won't be bothered by Obama picking another schoolyard fight with some tinhorn.

Let the healing begin!

Twitter is a fascinating thing to watch when big events happen (this is probably the biggest since Twitter started). I think it stems from watching someone you admire (entertainer/journalist/economist/friend) process rapidly developing information in real time. I usually choose what to read based on factual reporting and formed opinions (both help me form my own), but maybe there's a part of me that wants to observe their incomplete thoughts or gut reactions. I find it illuminating and a great measure of someone's personality to watch their immediate responses in these situations, and Twitter is an ideal medium.

The better question is: And the big loser is...

To me it's bin Ladens wife who was used as a futile shield. Sad state of affairs.

On Indian news channels the analysis was hardly jublient or nor was there any sense of "winning" - mostly relief and hopelessness that any dialouge with pakistan will help. Pakistan goverment is thought of as purely opportunistic with no consistant policy - there is no way to resolve anything with them. Speculation was on what they got in the deal with US on allowing this operation.
Obama was considered winner - this will allow him to pull out of Afganistan and put resources in Libya!

We will have a slow draw-down in Libya. It can't be too abrupt because that will be too obvious.

Pakistan has an opportunistic government? This makes them different from other governments in that they are called "Pakistan."

Opportunistic to the extent that there is no basic consistancy in Policy - sign up to anything US says to get aid and sleep with all the terrorists- and the aid is for fighting them!
Musharraf justifies it as right to pursue their national self interest!

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