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Many of those shelves, while they look neat, are clearly designed for people for whom the books are primarily decorations and not for using or reading, as the books will be hard to get at (at the bottom or middle of a big stack) and hard to keep in a decent order. Better to have something more functional, I think.

Re: 3 and 4, Chinese netizens' reactions to UBL's death are also interesting. Choice quote: "Comrade Bin Laden was a leader, was an elder, was a great person, was a perfect and faultless person!"

With a little embarrassment I'll admit that I follow BuzzFeed -- a guilty pleasure. But it just seems wrong for MR to link to it :)

Speaking of books, has anyone noticed the weird prices on Sachs' newest offering Commonwealth?
The ebook is 4x more expensive than the hardback at Barnes and Noble

and 6x more expensive at Amazon

The print versus electronic publishing is leading to some strange intermediate results.

One issue that Pakistani water policy will not have to deal with apparently is how to deal with pollution from the disposal of the body of the late leader of al-Qaeda.

I expected you to link to this Russ Roberts' post
in which Russ makes clear that John Papola and him never accused Keynes of having a "central plan" in their rap video. Thus, your post on "Did Keynes favor planning?" was a over-reaction to B. Rosser's misunderstanding of the lyrics of the rap video.
It's unfortunate that scholars are so inclined to the cult of personality while pretending to be the main producers of knowledge. I have paid no attention to the rap videos because --regardless of how funny they may be-- I cannot think of any way in which they can communicate seriously any idea. And indeed I find surprising that anyone is interested in having an academic discussion about the videos. And to make things worse that some failed to understand correctly what the authors were saying. And to complete the farce that some invited to discuss the failure to understand them.

We already see the birth of the deathers here and abroad. Why would we respect the Muslim tradition of burial within 24 hours for this guy? Any Muslim who would be offended by us not respecting Osama's beliefs is not your moderate, peaceful Muslim.


Why are you bringing this up in this thread? This has been discussed elsewhere on this site. So, sure, Russ Roberts says that they did not mean to accuse Keynes of supporting full-blown central planning, and that is awfully nice of him. But I would suggest that it is not nearly as clear in the video as he thinks it is.

I would note two more points. One is that some have said, "well, it is just a rap video, so who cares?" Right. This is a rap video that is being shown to lots of classes, and I suspect that most of those doing so are not explaining such fine points. What we get is that Keynes was for having a "central plan."

The other is that reading the commentary on this makes it exactly clear why this is not a trivial point. All too many people have surfaced denouncing Keynes for socialism, fascism, eugenicism, communism, you name it. Others in our society too easily pick up on these sorts of carelessly tossed off phrases and carry this sort of thing further.

I have responded to Tyler and others elsewhere, and I think many of those disagreeing with me have made very reasonable points, including Tyler. But I think that Russ does not make his case worth a bean. Sorry.

Please don't waste your time repeating yourself.

The neat creative bookshelves put me in mind, by way of contrast, of "mad" indefatigable readers whose books are strewn all over--floor, window, kitchen, dining-table, bathroom.

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