From which country do these doggie sentences come?

He opened the car door to let the dog escape but an officer jumped out and pulled a gun on the dog, he says. “I threw myself on my dog and said, ‘You have to shoot me before you kill him,'” Milad says.

The article is interesting throughout.  And here is some arbitrage:

The flight from Ukraine to Tehran has been nicknamed “the puppy flight” because many of its passengers, mostly university students, are carrying puppies for sale, according to several pet website owners who import from Ukraine.

When airport authorities caught on last year, they increased the tax on importing pets from $50 to $800, according to sellers. Some dog vendors diverted their operation so dogs are transported from Ukraine to Armenia and Turkey and from there smuggled in the cargo section of tour buses and trucks returning to Iran, vendors say.

“We have a large and very capable network expanding from Iran to Europe and beyond to help unite Iranians with dogs,” says the 30-year-old owner of Petpars, who asked that his name not be published.

…The Petpars website promises a puppy equipped with a faux international passport hand-carried from Ukraine via a flight passenger.

For the pointer I thank Ian Robinson.


Off-topic but Scott Winship responds to your request:
Mostly responding to a question with more questions.

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"In April, Iran's parliament passed a bill to criminalize dog ownership, declaring the phenomenon a sign of "vulgar Western values."

To some degree I would have to agree with this... Is anyone else tired of people treating their kids like dogs and their dogs like kids?

Kids suck. Dogs are almost perfect companions.


Because they die every 12-15 years?

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My Dutch neighbor bought a dog from a Spanish shelter. Shipping was 60EUR

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The natural affinity of people to dogs (we created them as a species so it is natural) notwithstanding, there may be a deeper issues. Pre-Islamic Iran was largely Zoroastrian. The belief was completely counter to the Islamic belief that dogs are unclean, rather that they were great allies in the quest for the truth and unmasking the lie. Iranians still hold to much of the old Persian legacy. There are several holidays that while discouraged by the fun crushing Ayatollahs are widely enjoyed by Iranians. Mohammed was not much of a fun loving guy, but most Iranians are pretty cheerful. What makes people more cheerful than Puppies and Loyal dog companions?

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