Mood management of customers

Apple employees are banned from saying “unfortunately” when delivering bad news to a customer, urged instead to replace it with the more positive “as it turns out.” And management apparently takes the ban seriously: One former Apple employee tells us that his coworker was put under a 90-day probationary period because he said “unfortunately” too much at the Genius Bar.

As it turns out, “unfortunately” is just one of a number of “stop words” that are not supposed to pass an Apple Store employee’s lips.

Here is more.  Elsewhere, inspiration from Minnesota may motivate the median voter and help resolve the state’s fiscal disputes:

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported Wednesday that bars, restaurants and stores across the state are unable to replenish their liquor and beer supplies because they can’t renew $20 state-issued alcohol purchasing cards.

As it turns out, Minnesota cigarette markets will go away by Labor Day as well.  Unfortunately, it is hard to think of a comparable commitment device for the federal debt-ceiling logjam.


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