Stag(nation) Party, Tuesday night

Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Ave. NW; Tue., 7 p.m., free; 202-364-1919. (Van Ness)

I am speaking on The Great Stagnation, in recognition of the publication of the physical version of the book.  You are welcome to come.


I thought this piece was relevant to TGS
It seems lawyers are now to expensive for ordinary people to afford.

"“The biggest problem,” says Ury, “is that ordinary citizens cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The bread and butter of small firm practices are criminal defense work, wills and trusts, leases, closings and divorces. Yet in Connecticut, 80 to 85 percent of divorces have a self-represented party because most families can’t afford to hire one lawyer, let alone two. Nearly 90 percent of criminal cases are self-represented or by a public defender because families can’t scrape together a retainer.”

Ury, who has practiced in a small firm for nearly 35 years, predicts the problem of unmet legal needs, if not solved by lawyers, “will be solved by technology.”"

Also related to TGS what does it mean if the best chess player in the world is a few other programs put together and renamed?

If I bring a tablet, will you sign my Ebook?


Should be interesting, I would stop by if it weren't a couple thousand miles too far out of my way.

My wife used to live 3 blocks from that store. That kills me that we aren't close i would be there. They have a decent coffee shop downstairs as well!

**same question as darren**

The problem for our country ("to create jobs and get America back on a path.......") is global economics, where capital can shift without restriction, coupled with technological advances, continue to squeeze the opportunities for middle income wage earners. Opportunity for american corporations lies in bringing the undeveloped world from sustenance living to sustainable living. Corporations would rather invest there than here -- which leaves less opportunity for middle wage earners here.

Nailed it.

And, you could add, a multinational tax system that disadvantages domestic business who compete with MNC's who are able to offshore some of the profit they make on domestic goods to a foreign sub that owns their domestic IP assets in Ireland or the Cayman Islands.

Domestic US businesses are really stupid and not well represented by the US Chamber of Commerce, much less the Business RountTable.

If you are a domestic US producer who competed with GE or Ingersoll-Rand or Honeywell last year, you competed with them at a disadvantage owing, not to foreign manufacturing, but to tax planning that placed earnings in a foreign sub.

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