You are what you eat?

Here are photographs of refrigerator interiors, in the form of a slide show.  Recommended, and don’t forget the descriptive captions on the bottom of each, indicating who owns the refrigerator.

For the pointer I thank Brent Depperschmidt.


after reviewing these photos, my own refrigerator does not look so dirty anymore...

The blind man especially has an impressively clean and orderly fridge. Could it be that if you can't see the dirt at all then you overestimate the dirtyness?

Good observation Rahul!

is that a snake in the top right in photo number 7?

Yep! Looks mighty tasty, too.

WTF; The Texan woman has a snake? Was that staged?

Nope. I lived in Killeen, TX when I was little kid (1975-1977). We had to walk through this big open prairie from our grade school to our neighborhood. My neighbor, a guy in his mid-20's, had a standing order for us kids; if we encountered a rattlesnake, try to kill it, or at least corner it, and he would kill it. He would give us $5 a snake. My neighbor would skin the snake and sell the skins, and his mother would cook the snake meat. It's actually delicious. So, I would say there is a pretty good chance that this is not staged. Also, I can't imagine anybody today commanding a bunch of 1st Grade kids to try to capture poisonous snakes! Gotta' love Texas.

Ever catch any for him?

Corner a rattlesnake! Quite an order!

Oh yeah. I killed a few snakes in my day. The key was to pick up a big rock (probably about 5 pounds), and be ready to chuck it at the first rattler you encountered. Actually it was quite a violent endeavour. But $5 is alot of money for a little kid!

What I learned: the crisper is for beer

This is incredible. By the end I was so enamored with the one-line descriptions that I hardly even saw the refrigerators. But I think the fridges, alone, or the one-liners, alone, would have been ultimately mundane.

I feel bad for the person making only a few hundred each month and the family living in the efficiency apartment.

Love the snake, too. And the football coach/LGBT crisis counselor; the engineer sharing their house with 16 other people; the divorcees; and the neighbor and his savior.

The person on the fixed income probably gets three squares a day at some senior center. Finding free or cheap food in the US is seldom a problem.

I was forced to look in my own fridge. I'm not ashamed of what I saw there. Fresh vegetables, non-expired condiments, fresh meat and dairy. My freezer probably isn't as healthy though. In fact, I'm not sure how old some of the freezer items are. Out of sight, out of mind. Except for that blind guy.

I saw a lot of beer bottles and a lot of soda pop and LOTS of milk. My fridge has much more fruit and vegetables (and homemade jam). As a red wine drinker, I have no need to put wine bottles in the fridge...

Are those eggs in the fridge of the vegan bakery proprietor?

It's interesting how stacking items in a fridge becomes so arbitrary and inefficient from a packing and access viewpoint. I wonder if industrial designers could try developing shapes that somehow stacked better. Sort of a 3D jigsaw of cartons.

A fat milk gallon can, a round watermelon and some long thin wine bottles and you are essentially screwed.


We could certainly design shapes that stacked better in our fridges. Doing so would also certainly save lots of money in terms of shipping and storage.

Unfortunately, space efficient stackable shapes are usually unappealing and unappetizing and thus don't sell well.

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