How can I not pre-order this book?

The Blueprint: Reviving Innovation, Rediscovering Risk, and Rescuing the Free Market, by Garry Kasparov, Max Levchin, and Peter Thiel.

The author comments here.


I had no trouble at all adding the book to my cart and getting to the fine screen of checkout.

How. Not why.

I think Highgamma was making a clever, subtle point about innovation, re: the online marketplace...

Me and my big mouth.........

Perhaps more than the book itself I'm looking forward to the possible Econtalk interview with the author(s).

By getting a free review copy.

I would pre-order it, but I have a strict buy-Kindle-books-whenever-possible rule because of my distinct lack of shelf capacity for additional dead-tree books. So, I'm waiting on the eventual e-book edition to become available.

I like the "rediscovering risk" part. I'm pretty damn fed up with private-sector partisans complaining about "uncertainty" as though that's what's holding them back from hiring the rest of the country. Uncertainty is a given, always. Period. Being a businessman is about collecting what knowledge you think is important in this uncertain world and then sacking up and making a fucking business decision based on that information and your own judgment.

You make a good decision, profits go up; you make a bad decision, profits go down. Some businesses prosper and grow; some fail and die. That's how the free market is supposed to work. No one should be too big to fail because their failure will always ensure the continued evolution and survival of the rest of the economy. When zombie businesses are kept alive, the evolution of the market is artificially delayed and things start to break down into chaos, as we are all witnessing now.

If it was just demand, then why not get raw materials cheap, make a bunch of stuff, warehouse it, then destroy your competitors when demand returns?

Creative destruction and its killing of zombies is a very good thing. It is a very big reason why economies and living standards grow. The more we have of it, the better. And uncertainty is a simple fact of life as a business owner. As a past business owner myself, however, it's folly to deny that more or less uncertainty at the margin doesn't/shouldn't affect your calculus w/ regard to various business decisions, especially when a disproportionate amount of new uncertainty might directly affect decisions made today for many years to come. Sometimes it pays to build a sustainable base and then see how things shake out before expanding this way or that way, or at all. If I had a nickel for fellow business owners that expanded too quickly...

some ideas from the book were discussed at Kasparov's blog try google translate if reader does not know Russian

Mostly what Kasparov has to say is a leftish garbage - it is not only about internet - it is about 'wrong bankers', lack of 'industrial spendings' etc.

It would be more amazing if it turns that Kasparov tends to say leftist things to Russians and right things to western auditory.

BTW it might be intresting to know to Tyler, that every opposition polytician is now split with Kasparov ( except ultra left Limonov who admitted - his small party is financed by Kasparov ).

This disarray in russian opposition - is due to opportunistic position of Kasparov.

He lives in his 'constructed' logical world, which is really amazing, but has nothing to do with forces which moves political movements. Because of that - everyone who starts to work with Kasparov in opposition ends relations sooner or later.
Take Nemtsov or former prime minister Kasianov - both were seen in past with Kasparov in their efforts to fight current regime - now they are cleary far away from him.

It is just extremly difficult to anyone to fit into constructed world of Kasparov's vision.

The author comments here

And the author writes: "This is the book I've been writing for the author trio of Garry Kasparov, Max Levchin, and Peter Thiel on the financial crisis and the technological stagnation of the US and global economy."

Then, it would appear, the author's name is not on the author's list. What's up with that?

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