Cyclical and countercyclical assets

…recent data show diaper sales are slowing and sales of diaper-rash ointment are rising.

Here is more, and I thank Peter Metrinko for the pointer.


Speaking as a father of four (including a six-month-old), skimping on diaper changes is a doomed attempt at savings. You give it all back in cleaning costs in the event of what I'll politely call "catastrophic diaper failure".

And, diaper cream that actually works is surprisingly expensive.

Too big to fail fo' real.

Just substitute the cheaper rash cream into the CPI for the more expensive diapers and whoala...CPI just went down a bit.

I knew I felt my standard of living going up!

Check to see if sales of cloth diapers are up. They're cheaper and longer lasting, but may increase incidence of diaper rash.

I agree Lisa. Cloth diapers seem to be the lastest trend and also cause more diaper rash, so says my daughters bottom.

I'd bet this explains a lot of the drop in sales. Cloth diapers are definitely a big trend right now.

Red ass- now that's status!

As the father of a kid who wears cloth diapers and is, right this very moment, sitting in a pediatrician's office with a severe rash on her bottom, I find this intuitively appealing.

It's not just the cloth diapers: Relatively recently, in the search for a thinner diaper, at least one major manufacturer has started applying some chemicals that used to go on the inside of the diaper to areas in contact with skin. The change made my son had rather horrible razhes. So really, even disposables can lead to increased rashes.

It's a 1% drop in sales at a time when the birth rate is declining. Plus, the data excludes Costco and Walmart (and probably ToysRUs). I'm unimpressed.

The diaper rash increase may be due to lots of things:

looking for cheaper daycare, just to pick one possibility.

More unemployed males taking care of babies since Mom still has a job is another hypothesis involving less-skilled labor. (I suspect the average woman having a first child has changed more diapers than her average 22 year old husband.)

Using fewer diaper wipes to save money is another.

What, he's 22? That's a really young husband.

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