Roger Kerr passes away

Here is the obituary, and here, this is very sad news for me.  Roger had a huge influence on my life.  I spent a good deal of time working for him and with him at the New Zealand Business Roundtable in Wellington and he was always up for a discussion and an argument.  He seemed to have boundless energy, and he played a key role in making New Zealand a sounder and better country.  A lot of my interest in economic policy comes from my time spent with Roger, most of all my interest in the institutional design of central banks but not just.  Roger expected you to be ready to discuss anything, at the drop of a hat, and I consider my time with Roger a major influence on my blogging.  He exposed me to the New Zealand classical liberal tradition and from that I saw a lot of deficiencies (and some strengths) of the North American traditions.  Roger will be missed but we all know that his influence extended far.


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