Movies I enjoyed this year

Overall I’ve never been less interested in the Hollywood and indie releases, but this year had high peaks from abroad, some would call them the best movies of the year:

1. Incendies; a French-Canadian movie set mostly in Lebanon, with Greek themes.

2. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall his Past Lives, from Thailand.

3. Of Gods and Men.

4. Even the Rain, Spanish movie filmed in Bolivia.

5. Melancholia; I liked this one, even though I agree with all the negative things that have been said about it.  See it on the big screen.

Presumably more Asian movies deserve to be on the list, but I won’t get to watch them until 2012.

Drive with Ryan Gosling had excellent moments and scenes.  Moneyball was a good but not a great movie, but it was a great movie about business (which is rare), with real insight and sensitivity, here is one good treatment of some points.

The median release this year was for me ZMP at best, “not even trying to be good,” and I have no long history of being anti-Hollywood, quite the contrary.


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