Assorted links

1. John Gray and many others try to redesign the banknotes, slide through the show.  Some are quite good.  Here is the one from Audrey Niffenegger.

2. More on the euro carry trade, note I am not an optimist on this, I simply note it is a plan of sorts.  Via Interfluidity, here is lots on financial repression, important read.

3. Zizek on Coriolanus, and my 2006 blog post on the individual mandate.

4. “There are even allegations that the Ukrainian justice minister’s official car was illegally appropriated in Germany…A number of years ago, the Ukrainian government decreed that the state could sell confiscated cars that were stolen in other countries or add them to its motor pool. This even applies when the vehicles are on an Interpol list. In other words, Justice Minister Lavrynovych wouldn’t even be violating Ukrainian laws by driving a car that was stolen in Germany.”  Story here.

5. Tumbleweed markets in everything.


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