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4: game can save japan from the nightmarish anhedonic borg it is slowly morphing toward. not kidding.

Neandrhetal genes holders beware

#5 now that we are legitimizing 'prediction' markets, can we acknowledge there is no difference between derivatives trading and many forms of gambling?

Nadex will compete with,, and other gambling sites in its new venture, but will have the advantage of being the only legal competitor in the US, where online gambling is illegal.

"Gambling" is just an epithet. Equity, when seen as part of the entire firm, is just a call option with a strike price equal to the claims of creditors. And, obviously CDS are another form of gambling. But, of course, CDS are basically the same as bond positions.

So, all forms of ownership are "just" gambling. Does this mean that the nice life we all share is just a wicked scam? Or does this mean that the word you're using to describe it is not applicable?

In gambling you don't really own anything. I don't use words such as gambling and speculating as epithets, I try to understand what they might mean to me so I can knows it when I sees it.

4. Fortunately, there is a nearby country with a colossal surplus of unmarried men. It will be interesting to see which is more powerful, the youth sex drive or the ethnic superiority complex.

An interesting thing about Atami, the onsen resort town, is that it was probably massively hurt by the shinkansen and other travel advancements including airplanes. It's about 60 miles from the Tokyo metropolis. In the old days it was quite popular because it was close; one reason why it's less popular now is because it's *so* close. If people are going to take a vacation, they'd rather go farther away, or at least take more time to get there.

2. Very clever, Tyler. Trolling is a art.

As for the aliens amongst us, I thought you were going to link to this:

Happy to see Nadex branching out. Thanks for the pointer.

Hmmm... The primary use of a futures market is to hedge against undesirable outcomes, correct?

I didn't know there were still people reading Brooks' drivel...

Tyler Cowen loves that guy and his drivel

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