Possible Greek facts

It was funny when the first Greek bond hit a yield of 100 per cent, says investment editor James Mackintosh. But Greece may be the proud issuer of the first bond to yield more than 1,000 per cent outside periods of hyperinflation.

The explanatory video is here.


Here's a riddle: what would have happened to Zimbabwe if they'd been a euro country?

Clever. They would no longer have been a Euro country! :-)

What's the difference between a "possible fact" post and a "claims about..." post?

Insane. Why would a government even sell a bond with %1000 interest. It gains them what? A month before they are in an even deeper hole.

After a point all holes are equally deep.

They aren't issuing bonds at this rate, existing bonds are trading at this rate. I don't believe they are issuing bonds on the market at all, in fact.

A week ago. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/13/greece-tbills-idUSA8E7MG02B20120113

It earns them some free money just before they default.

At first I thought "Funny" wasn't quite the right word.

is anyone else getting an 'error' when they try to watch the ft.com video?

oh, back up now O-PA!

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