Hong Kong v. Shenzhen on Immigration

QQ截图未命名3A full page anti-immigration ad taken out in a Hong Kong newspaper is making waves. The ad (shown at right; note the locust) reads:

Do you want Hong Kong to pay 1 million HKD per 18 minute raising illegitimate child from mainland?

Hong Kong people have had enough of it!

We understand that you suffer from contaminated milk powder, so we tolerate your raid upon our milk powder; we understand that you don’t have freedom, so we receive you over here through “free pass”; we understand that your education is poor, so we share our educational resource with you; we understand that you don’t read traditional Chinese, so we use “cripple” Chinese character (simplified Chinese) in the following: “Please respect our local culture when you are here, without Hong Kong you are all doomed.”

Strongly demand the government to amend the 24th clause of Basic Laws!

Stop the massive invasion of double negative pregnant women from mainland. (double negative = none of the woman’s parents are from HK)

The ad then went viral with versions of the ad created for  Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou [text here was corrected, AT] but the Shenzhen version took a different approach. The text here reads:


You are one of us if you come to Shenzhen.

Welcome to Shenzhen!

Because we are all away from home, so welcome here; because this is a big circle Grandpa Deng drew for all of us (metaphor for making Shenzhen special economic region), so welcome here; because you are part of the momentum that keeps Shenzhen going, so welcome here; because of you are the reason behind our 30 years of prosperity, so welcome here; because we want the whole world to know this, so we use English the say the next: “welcome to hometown Shenzhen”.

Warmly welcome every hard worker to Shenzhen!

We wish all Shenzhen people a happy new year and may all your wishes come true!

Hat tip to Bradley M. Gardner.


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