Markets in everything, Friday cat blogging edition

Jordana Serebrenik may be New York City’s only for-hire pet-cat catcher. Her service, Catch Your Cat, Etc., does what it suggests: Ms. Serebrenik, a Murray Hill resident, will go to your home and corral your cat in situations when you cannot do so or prefer not to.

Her clients range from the old or physically impaired to those distraught at the idea of having to force their cat to go somewhere they do not want to go: the vet, for example.

“Some people just need someone who isn’t emotionally attached,” Ms. Serebrenik said.

Her business card — which asks, “Can’t get Fluffy into a carrier?” — is in veterinarians’ waiting rooms and pet supply stores around the city. Testimonials on her Facebook page are effusive.

A catch goes for about $80, and the video at the beginning is good.  Here is more, and for the pointer I thank Richard Herron.


She should start a management consultancy. Many companies would pay good money for a capable catherd.


How about training a herding dog to do this? Win-win situation?

There were similar services available in the UK back in the 70s.

Cat Nips

The Cat's *In* the Bag

I have two Burmese. If I even just happen to bump into their carrier, they will sit in it the rest of the day, apparently hoping we will take them somewhere.

I wish she were on call in Albuquerque! Though if I hired her to bag Buster (tuxedo cat, "he's a 25-pounder, or I am a bounder, and he's putting on weight every day!"), I'd expect to pay triple rates - so she could afford the plate armor needed to protect herself!

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