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In Bombay it costs as low as $130 "supari" to order a hit on a person. I guess the market clearing price must lie somewhere between $130 and $15 and we just have to wait for it to get bad enough to be worth it for the delhi government.

It seems that you're not actually allowed to kill the monkeys, though. That might complicate matters somewhat.

I don't think you're allowed to kill people either.

Maybe it's the ease of kill.

Still no mention of Koch vs. Cato. What are they afraid of?

It's really too bad there are no other libertarian blogs at which you can read about it.

What would you like to know?

It is very interesting to read Felix Salmon returning to variant of old good theory ( even if Domar confirmed, that theory is completely wrong ), that it is capital which drives growth.

it would be better not just to make a post, but make a devastation to Solow Swan model ( and to Romer-Lucas too) , so that people like William R. Easterly did not even think to write such things as ( sarcasm ).

Really a link invites quite a bit of questions on important topic of sources of economic growth.
Is share of capital accumulation is now more important than in data which was used to produce Solow results?

to my eyes it is a groundbreaking finding if it is so!

But I expect, that it is actually not the case, and just no one pays attention.
This puzzles me.

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