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About An Economist Gets Lunch, you will find it here.


Prof. Cowen, I have to ask: have you ever actually eaten a fine meal with a mirror in front of yourself or are you just assuming?

Loved the book except for when you put down Turkish Donairs in Germany. I have a good memory of a place in Southern Germany that had the best Kebabs I have stopped at Kebab shops all over the US and Canada and never been able to find anything close.

Did you see this?


Tyler, you've grossly mischaracterized the paleo diet. Most versions heavily emphasize the eating of vegetables. Surprised Russ did not call you out on this.

This is true. Tyler must be referring to a more general low-carb diet.


Very good suggestion on cookbooks.

Is the malnutrition always a lack of food, or is it sometimes sufficient calories combined with insufficient nutrients?

Russ' Econ videos are classics. Looking forward to seeing what he does next.

The crisis of our time is cows farting. Who are these cads who dispute TGS?

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