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#6 Colin does not mention knees. Kneeling on knees on the floor like the Japanese. After all, chairs are just a place to rest your knees; you may as well stretch them at the same time. My life improved immeasurably when I started kneeling every morning. The Muslim faith was not silly in this respect. And it's easy to read the iPad in this position.

#5 is a duplicate!

Do you use a chair or a sending desk?

(I suppose I should include a third option for some wildly implausible, one-off or hybrid system.)

The bad effects of chairs have been getting alot of attention elsewhere on the internet.

I suspect the problem is more the expectation of keeping still in one place for a long period of time, without being able to recline. I don't think there is a good answer to the problem of supporting the body in that situation.

#6 is worth taking a look at, especially the information that zeppelins may be making a comeback.

That game theory course was so dull, that after 2 lectures I quit. I would rather learn it from a book. I can only imagine having to pay Stanford whatever the tuition is for such a dull presentation.

6. I can't believe I just read a whole diatribe about chairs that never manages to mention the origin of the chair in horse culture, which by the way is also the chief vector of pantswearing in Eurasia too. There is a long way from a raised platform to a chair or stool, but a short distance from a saddle.

I must also mention my favorite Simpson's quote:

Burns: Oh, yes, sitting. The great leveler. From the mightiest Pharaoh
to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit?

There's a joke in here somewhere about the Florida panhandle being misplaced...

When reading #1, you should have a cigar with it:

If my parents had ever rented Jerko the Evil Clown for me I *still* wouldn't be speaking to them.

Yes, we just graduated a Future Industrial Designer of America with honors -- he built beautiful chairs.

I have a standing desk. It started as a homemade...a rolling dictionary stand. The campus carpenter at B&G built me a table surface for it with a pen trough at the top and a lip at the bottom. I LOVE it. My back and neck are both much happier.

Did our honored student (who I will admit didn't take a class from me this year, so he wasn't in my office often) notice? I don't know.

Photo please, if I may ask?

I signed up for that Game theory one also. As well as Scott Page's model thinking course. And, he started his first. Limit to what you can engage in when you teach 80% and try to do some research. Scott Page's course was very very engaging and informative. I really would want an online course on what he does. He is a good and engaging presenter, did things in short interesting snippets with demonstrations, and did nice summaries. Very Pedagogical. I really did want to do game theory also, but as I do this in spare time at home when I'm fairly tired, and the first lecture was not as engaging as Scott's, I just stuck with the first one. But, I may try the game theory again. Perhaps.

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