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#1: There is NO austerity whatsoever in the UK:

That link confuses spending cuts with an increase in the deficit, it is possible to have both if there is no growth.

Many in India are asking whether the woman routinely referred to as the most beautiful in the world, and who occupies a place in Indian popular culture akin to Kate Middleton or Victoria Beckham, has an obligation to her fans to lose weight.

No, she doesn't.

"No, she doesn’t."

of course not. but she does have to realize that being a chubster severely cuts into her marketability, which appears to be primarily based on her good looks, if accounts of her bad acting chops are true. she has the right to get as fat as she wants, and the rest of the world has the right to watch her fade into sexual invisibility and popularity as a result.

As it is, most models and actresses in the Indian context have an expiry date of ~35 years.

Corr(weight_aish_rai, GDP) = - 1

#4. The headline is sheer speculation and sensationalist.

"This particular turtle had massive, powerful jaws that would have enabled it to eat anything nearby - up to and including crocodiles."

If at all they found croc-bite-marks on turtle shells.

Yeah, they have no way of knowing if the turtle ate crocodiles, but it makes a good headline. More BS from the world of pseudo-science.

I'll second that, when I read "eats Crocodiles" I thought this was a t-rex sized turtle. In my neck of the woods, along the tributaries to Lake Victoria, crocs run 12ft to 16ft+ and anything that ate them would require a size far beyond a "smart car" towards the bus range. Moreover, baby crocs are quite the snack for plenty of not-very-scary wildlife including herons, large fish etc. Nonsensical l headline.

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