Bucharest bleg

After Milan, I will be in Bucharest for a few days.  Your recommendations are most welcome and I thank you in advance.


Caru cu bere is great for traditional romanian food. Also, the restaurant itself is quite beautiful.

And has nice dancers

Welcome to Romania, professor Cohen!

Make sure you see the wonderful outdoor museum of folk architecture just outside the center of Bucharest, in a park.

I was just in Bucharest; it's a cool and fascinating place, dense with history, but a few days there might be too long a stay. Make sure to go to the National Village Museum, and the very trendy Lipscani District. If you have the interest or the opportunity, I would recommend catching a train (they run regularly throughout the day- Romania's rail transport system is surprisingly good) to nearby Brașov (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bra%C8%99ov). The ride itself is very scenic and only takes about two hours, and Brașov is a beautiful and charming city with great German influenced architecture and a healthy dose of Transylvanian charm.

Make sure to eat: mămăligă (polenta), mitite (Romanian sausages), sarmale (stuffed cabbage), and ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup- my personal favorite).

Have a great trip!
(and thanks for the great blogging)

"mititei" are not sausages, and definitely not romanian (but turkish).
And the rail system is good only on some routes (very few). The rest sucks big time.

Check out the palace and be careful for packs of dogs roaming the streets. #rabiesshot.com

Go to Budapest!

Maybe the next destination. Beautiful city indeed :)

Hey, whatever happened to New Mexico? That was you, wasn't it?

Bucharest itself is a nice city, not quite Florence though. I like mostly its decent parks and interesting people. And it really shines in May.

But if you have time, you might also consider visiting Sibiu - harder to reach by train, but only about 3-4 hours of driving. It's a city of about 300,000, but there you can get a glimpse of what Transylvania is all about. Oh, and it was the European Capital of Culture in 2007! In my opinion, the most interesting city in Romania.

I liked Sibiu, it's also a major gateway to the Fagaraz Mountains. Hiking/backpacking is a hugely popular activity in Romania and they have a system of huts for people to stay in, similar to what the Alps and White Mountains in New Hampshire have. OTOH I got dozens of flea bites in the one night that we stayed at one.

I Second Sibiu. We had great food at the restaurant of the Astra museum.

Welcome to Romania! First of all, don't have high expectation about it (the city itself) or from the majority of the people. Agree with my above predecesors regarding the places to visit, but might add the fact that the public transport isn't that of a thing to be checked on your list. Like an ad campaign for a beer brand, Romania is the country defined by the word contrast/paradox.

Enjoy your stay

I never comply with a request when people attempt to "thank me in advance". Thus, I will be withholding my exhaustive knowledge of Bucharest from you out of spite.

- the palace of parliament - make sure you also check the nice roofterrace from the other side of the building from MNAC, which is also a museum worth having a look at (contemporary art)
- the athenaeum building
- the big old cec building (my fav one)
- cotroceni palace
- cismigiu & herastrau parks
- sutu palace

romanian: caru cu bere (former monastery canteen, the food place to go for any foreigner), la catalin (grill-fest romanian style), lacrimi si sfinti (upscale and a bit posh but good experience nonetheless), mamma leone (mostly fish if you're into it, expensive but very good)

other than romanian, make sure you also try at least one of taverna sarbului (serbian), divan (turkish), st george (hungarian) or four seasons (lebanese)

i assume that Bogdan already knows about most of them - in any case all of the above can be found by using the search from metropotam.ro (*the* goingout website from .ro, /shameless plug, as i own it/ :-))

enjoy it & drop me a line if you need a food guide around :-)

Forget Milan, go to Bologna to really eat.

Sibiu was my favorite city when I visited; Brasov second. Sounds as if I'm not alone in that viewpoint.

Enjoy staying Bucharest. There a lot of things to consider when choosing spend free time in town!

Buy a Kabob from a street vendor. They are awesome.

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