Here is one paragraph of an interesting-but-treads-quite-lightly story about what is possibly a new field of economics:

To talk to the genoeconomists about their vision for the field is to listen to people acutely reluctant to overpromise, or to come off as naive. Much of their forthcoming paper in the Annual Review of Economics, in fact, describes how the vast majority of studies that appeared to link individual genes to specific outcomes—the amount of education people receive, whether or not they are self-employed, how they invest their money—have turned out to be impossible to replicate. Their hope lies in a new approach to data-gathering that is only just getting underway, wherein researchers look for patterns among thousands, and even millions of people—numbers that are only just becoming possible thanks to massive collaborations linking gene studies being conducted all over the world.

Jeff, the source, offers some discussion here.

Addendum: I now see in the blogging software panel that Alex has a post on the way, covering this same article, it should be up later today and maybe his take is different than mine.


Alex's take is different? What take? All you did was link to an article and quote from it. I could not discern any opinion of your own in the post.

Par for the course, my friend.

"have turned out to be impossible to replicate": a genuine Social Science, then.

File under "Sailer bait"

Note that, if genoeconomics were valid, it would have to kill off rational choice economics: if people are making different choices based on their genes, then there cannot possibly be a single rational choice which everyone is following.

Does it have to be one or the other? Can't we have something like mildly fuzzy rationality?

Who ever said rationality is one single choice. If you have different utility that simply means your rational path is different.

If genes cause you to go against your preferences then we'll talk. It still won't speak against libertarians or in favor of authoritarianism forcing one single irrational choice on people.

"Mildly fuzzy rationality"


"Note that, if genoeconomics were valid, it would have to kill off rational choice economics"

will wilkinson wept. so did every other libertarian.

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