Questions from Nick_L

I believe he is a loyal MR reader:

1) What’s the most important economics question you ever asked? 2) How do economics professors negotiate their salaries? Do econ professors share notes on this? 3) Predictions for US economic policies if Obama is re-elected? 4) Where do you see the next boom/bubble/bust occurring? 5) Possible remedies for the continuing rise in Income inequality? 6) If you had to move overseas, which country would you most likely pick, and why?

My answers:

1) “What is the required type font for submitting this dissertation?”

2) Quietly.  Angus adds comment.

3) Continued denial, no matter who wins.

4) We’re done with bubbles for a while, though I think Facebook may still be one.

5) Destroy American export capacity.

6) For living I think I would like Berlin, Singapore, and London, but the answer depends on my income and opportunities.


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