Today is probably a funny blogging day

If the Supreme Court strikes down ACA in part or as a whole, and you did not like the law in the first place, do not assume you should be happy.  It is far from obvious that we will end up with something better.  I do hope that today (or later this week) is not simply a big exchange of anger and recrimination.  No matter what happens, America still needs health care reform and this will require cooperation across the ideological spectrum.

By the way, didn’t it just come out in The Washington Post that the United States helped attack Iran with Flame, Stuxnet and related programs?  If they did this to us, wouldn’t we consider it an act of war?  Didn’t we just take a major step toward militarizing the internet?  Doesn’t it seem plausible to you that the cyber-assault is not yet over and thus we face immediate questions looking forward?  Won’t somebody fairly soon try to do it to us?  Won’t it encourage substitution into more dangerous biological weapons?

I do understand that these are fairly superficial questions and that I do not have the expertise to write a detailed and insightful blog post on these topics.  Still, it seems odd not to mention them at all.  While I read in limited circles, I do not see many writers devoting much attention to the matter.  Shouldn’t this have set off a large-scale national debate?


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